45 Colt & .410 Gauge Revolvers

Cimarron CA514M00 US 7th Calvary Revolver 45 Colt 7.5 Inch Barrel with Company F Markings
Product ID : CA514M00
FREE SHIPPING! Special Feature: 7th Calvary, Co. F (Engraved on the bottom of...
Cimarron MP410 Model P Revolver 45 Colt 4.75 Inch Barrel Case Hardened Pre-War Frame
Product ID : MP410
FREE SHIPPING! Exact replica of 1st generation Single Action Army Revolvers
Cimarron PP411LNPT General George Patton 45 Colt Revolver Frontier Pre War Frame 5.5 Inch Barrel Laser Engraved Nickel Finish
Product ID : PP411LNPT
FREE SHIPPING! Cimarron George Patton is a top quality 1873 Single Action...