Sticky Holsters MD-1 Medium Sticky Holster - Small Semi-Autos Up To 3.5" Barrels

Sticky Holsters MD-1 Medium Sticky Holster - Small Semi-Autos Up To 3.5" Barrels
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Product ID : MD-1
Manufacturer: Sticky Holsters
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Brand: Sticky Holsters

Manufacturer: Sticky Holsters MD-1

Item#: MD-1


The MD-1 Sticky Holster Fits All The Following Guns:

Accu-Tek AT-380 II - 380ACP

Accu-Tek HC-380 - 380ACP

AMT Backup - 40S&W

AMT Backup - 9MM

AMT Backup - 45ACP

Beretta Nano - 9mm

Bond Arms Snake Slayer         - ALL

Cobra Patriot .380 - 380ACP

Cobra Patriot 9 - 9MM

Kahr CM9 - 9mm

Kahr PM40 - 40S&W

Kahr PM9 - 9mm

Kel-Tec P-11 - 9MM

Kel-Tec P40 - 40S&W

Kel-Tec PF9 - 9MM

Kimber Solo - 9MM

Ruger LC9 - 9MM


Sig Sauer P290 - 9MM

Sig Sauer P938 - 9mm

Smith and Wesson 2214 - 22LR

Smith and Wesson Sigma 380 - 380ACP

Taurus 708 - 380ACP

Taurus 709 - 9MM

Taurus 740 - 40S&W

Taurus Millenium G2 - 9mm

Taurus Millenium G2 - 40S&W

And other similar sized firearms


Product Description


Redefining Concealment Sticky Holsters are self-securing, modular, state of the art in-the-waistband (IWB) and pocket holsters. Suitable for small 9MM’s and .40 S&W's- Medium/Small semi-autos up to 3.5" bbl. Ambidextrous fit for right and left handed users.


What is a Sticky Holster?


The Sticky Holster is a self-securing holster with no clips or loops that will fit any Bond Arms Gun and Smith & Wesson J-Frame and similar sized revolvers with up to 2.25" barrels. It is an ambidextrous holster and can be used for right hand or left hand draw. This holster works well IWB (In the waistband) and can be used in pockets with the smaller Bond Arms Guns and other small frame revolvers.


How does a Sticky Holster work?


The outside skin is a super non-slip material that, with a little pressure, adheres to just about anything. That outer material combined with the inner closed-cell foam and the inner liner will keep your pistol and the holster securely in place. In the pocket, it works like any other pocket holster. However, when you pull the gun, the outer layer grabs the inside of your pocket. Our modular products use the same “Sticky” material against itself to hold the holster and gun in place. In addition, with use and body heat, your Sticky Holster will conform to your particular gun, making a custom fit.


Sticky Holsters allow you to deploy and adjust your firearm in seconds. No bulky clips or straps to get in the way. Our lightweight holsters weigh less than 3 oz. and the closed-end design keeps lint and dust out, while keeping gun oil off of you. Body heat and use conforms holster to your gun, so your holster fit will continue to improve with use.

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